Web Applications
  1. Building a new software for your business

Our team includes high qualified and motivated professionals who can start a project from zero and can build a new, modern, useful and fast system for your business needs which meets all your requirements and business logic. They will make it in the way which will make your investment winning. 

  1. Database design and modeling

Database design and modeling is very important for the overall system's performance. In case it's done well, the middle tier programming and future extending will be more easy. 

  1. WEB interface programming

It's the face of the system and the key of success. The user interface should be simple, fast and useful. Our team use all the best technologies to do it. The web browser compatibility and W3C standards are very important for us and we do our best to conform with them. 

  1. Creation of reports and reporting tools

It's the one of the most important sub-system for business management. Our goals are : small execution time, good design, supporting of different formats and possibilities for data exchange with other systems. 

  1. Middle tier programming

The heart of the system is the middle tier where are implemented: business logic, security and transaction management. Our goals are : good design with possibilities for future extensions, small response time, and full fit of all your requirements. 

  1. Adaptation of existing software and solutions

If you want to extend your existing application or to adapt an existing open source software you are welcome. We can extend this software to fulfill your needs. 

  1. Building test suits and testing

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