WEB Sites

We offer two lines of site packages:

  • prepared (ready to go) HTML templates
  • custom templates

The first line (Start packages) is a low budget and  the templates from this group are cheaper than custom templates.

The low prices described by the fact that these templates are not unique and may be sold many times. There are some other limitations as not valid XHTML templates according latest W3C standards and future enhancements  also.

The second line (Pro, Pro+ and Ultra packages) have unique web design and high quality XHTML templates without limitation which is related to the first line of packages.

Design prepared prepared custom Pro custom Pro+ custom Ultra
Initial number of pages entered by us 6 12 20 35 60
Content Management System - CMS X X X X X
Maximum number of pages unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Valid (X)HTML and CSS*     X X X
FF, IE7, Opera and Safari support*     X X X
IE6 support X X O X X
Web statistics X X X X X
Send to a friend X X X X X
Bookmark X X X X X
Contact form X X X X X
Sitemap O X X X X
Icon pack O O O O X
Banner (picture) O O O O X
Flash banner O O O O X
HTML form elements design O O O O X
Total price € 198 € 284 € 644 € 1 190 call us

X - package is included

O - optional package

* - depends on an implementation

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